In 1906 Giulio Rocca, ‘Grandpa’ answered a flyer while living in Cocconato, Italy. “Earthquake damage. Laborers needed in San Francisco USA.” Over a period of time in San Francisco he holds down 3 jobs. Cook, janitor and elevator operator (apparently to get some sleep). He sends money back to Italy for Annetta, (Grandma).

By 1910 he was running a hotel in what is now Fremont.

In 1924 Giulio & Annetta, their daughters Ines, Ida and Norma own and operate what is now Madrone Market on the outskirts of Morgan Hill.

In 1927 he decides to build a new structure in San Martin. He orchestrated the building and proprietorship of Rocca’s General Store, Feed Store, Service Station & Restaurant along with whatever the town needed. Julius Rocca (Rocky, Dad) was born while the sign out front was still being painted. “Shall I put Rocca & Son?” asked the painter.

In 1932 John Bonfante marries ‘Auntie’ Ines and they run Rocca’s Market as a "Red & White" Co-op (Cousin Loritta is born to them soon after). A replica of the storefront can currently be seen with ‘singing vegetables’ at the former Bonfante Gardens (Gilroy Gardens). Pete Cuffia marries Auntie Ida and they operate Rocca’s Feed in San Martin. By 1948 Mike Bonfante is the operator of the Grocery Store.

In 1952 Julius (Rocky) and his wife Elenore take over ownership and operation of Rocca’s Market while living in an upstairs apartment. Cousin Gus Audisio helps to manage the Produce department. (Brother Michael is born)

By 1954 Uncle John Bonfante and Auntie Ines are running a hardware store and a flower shop on Main Street in Morgan Hill.

1955 - Disneyland opens. (Brother Dan and Cousin Rob Cuffia are born)

1961 - John and Mike Bonfante open the first Nob Hill Foods. (Brother Tom is born) Roger Maris hits 61 home runs.

1968 - The Beatles release the White Album. (Brother Paul is born)

1994 - Dan, Tom and Paul begin Rocca's Market, Inc. We’ve since lost the presence of our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. But their spirit remains in the walls of Rocca’s Market and the hearts of the brothers and our cousins. We are proud to continue serving our community as a family business in the spirit of our courageous ancestors. When you stop in, you’ll ‘get it’.

Thank you.

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